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Zantedeschia Picasso

Zantedeschia Picasso

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Zantedeschia Picasso
(Calla Lilly)

Please pictures, these plants die back to a corm. This can then stay dormant from October-May. Shooting can be encouraged by keeping the plant in a warm greenhouse or conservatory. Please be advised between these months you will recieve a pot with a dormant corm inside it, ready to shoot when the weather is warm enough. 
This perennial is a stunning variety and produces tall white flowers with purple throat through summer.
A wonderful perennial best in a sheltered position with a loamy soil, sometimes the leaves are frost damaged during winter, if this happens after the last frosts trim back the foliage and new shoots will appear from below the ground.

  • Height: Easily maintained to 50cm
  • Spread: Easily maintained to 50cm
  • Foliage Colour: Green lance shaped with white spots
  • Flower Colour: White buds and white funnel shaped flowers with a purple throat
  • Soil Type: Moist, boggy, loam, chalk, thrives in moist conditions
  • Position: Semi Shade - Shade
  • Hardiness: Reasonably Hardy once established, H3 (to -5), cold conditions may damage leaves but the plant will re shoot from the base
  • Type: Herbaceous, dormant over winter

Described as tender in most places but we have found it to be s tough as other Arum Lilly's we are growing, for this reason we advice it should be protected from extreme conditions

Supplied in either a 9cm pot or 2 Litre pot, please select from the drop down menu when ordering.

The hardy forms of Zantedechia are varieties that derive from the species Zantedechia  aethiopica and Zantedechia pentlandii, these are mainly white flowered varieties sometimes having coloured throats like Zantedechia aethiopica Kiwi Blush. Zantedechia pentlandii is striking in having bright yellow flowers.

All the Zantedechia we grow here are the hardy forms. To ensure these plants thrive in your garden it is best to plant them in moist soil in semi-shade, bright sun can slow their growth and scorch the leaves. Also in mild winters these perennials can be evergreen and put on growth through winter, in this scenario a sharp frost will kill these fresh shoots of the top growth but will not harm the plant, it will just re-shoot from the root in spring. A good mulch over winter greatly helps the plant too by insulating the shoots just below the soil from frost and ensuring a good strong root base from which masses of shoots will appear in the spring.

These plants can also be grown in containers and for this they will respond best to a loam based compost, they don't want to be planted too deep and respond well to regular feeding. When grown in pots the plants should be protected over winter as the root is above the ground (in the pot) and can be damaged by frost. The containers should be watered regularly and the compost should be kept moist at all times. These plants grow well in the UK, we have them here on our nursery in the South West of England but with a bit of protection (fleece in extreme conditions, mulch or moving containers into a greenhouse) they can be grown all over the UK.
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