Recladding our prop house in 2014

Recladding our prop house in 2014

In 2013 our nursery got hit with some very bad storms in December, these storms badly damaged the cover on our prop house and after a good few repairs during the month it finally tore off on the 20th of December!

Now as bad as this was in affecting the psychological side of things, in as much as its everyone's favourite place on the nursery and you can find temperatures in the high teens during some very cold Winter days if the sun is out (which makes it a popular destination!) it couldn't of happened at a better time in regards to the needs of the nursery as Winter is when its used the least, that said it was a real shame to loose it.

In the Spring of 2014 we went about fixing the rear wall which was damaged at the same time as the sheet and generally went over the structure in readiness for a new sheet and in the Summer of 2014 it was ready to be re-clad.

The pictures below document the process with a final picture of how things are looking in there now, nice and full!






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