Vinca difformis in detail

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Vinca difformis & varieties

Vinca (Periwinkle) are great plants to use all over the garden whether its full shade, woodland, front of border or an exposed bank they will put on a great show of flowers from November right through until April. They are mostly evergreen and have a creeping habit, they are great for ground cover. Some varieties can be a little invasive like Vinca major, others are less so. Vinca minor has much smaller leaves and can be cut back from areas that you want to keep free. Vinca difformis is somewhere in between V.major and V. minor.

Here we highlight Vinca difformis and its varieties, V.difformis has a larger leaf much like V.major and can be quite invasive but it does get knocked back by frost more so than the other species and this can tame it somewhat. In very cold conditions V.difformis behaves more like an herbaceous perennial dying back to the root and shooting up in the Spring. The flowers are very pretty and have a slightly different shape to the normal Vinca’s:

Vinca difformis

Vinca difformis

Vinca difformis ‘Jenny Pym’

Vinca difformis Jenny Pym

Vinca difformis ‘Snowmound’

Vinca difformis Snowmond

Vinca difformis Sardoa