Perennials play a key role within your garden, they add intense splashes of colour to a border with impressive displays of flowers through the Summer. This group of plants contains some of the most impressive flower types in the plant world. Flower types can range from towering spikes of intricate flowers such as Lupins or Fox Gloves right down to the fabulous small dainty flowers of Epimedium. Perennials are defined as plants that come back year after year and generally don't retain a growing stem, they usually overwinter themselves by dying back down to the root in October/November and then re-shot in the Spring. Perennials can be Herbaceous (die back to the root in Winter), Evergreen (retain a clump of leaves over Winter) and Bulbous (die back to a bulb in Winter e.g. Montbretia, Zantedeschia etc.).