Buddleja Berries and Cream

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Buddleja Berries and Cream
(Butterfly Bush)

One of Peter Moore's introductions, this Buddleja has bicoloured purple and white flowers with a few flowers on each raceme wholly white and a few wholly purple.

Flowers late  July  - early September  15-20 cm  in length

Excellent at attracting butterflies

Erect in habit

Removing the dead flower spikes will encourage secondary shoots to develop more flowers.

Berries and Cream is a tall erect plant with a profusion of flowers ( in garden trials 6 years ) more butterflies were attracted to this variety than other cultivars in my garden.

    Perfect for a mixed border and highly attractive to bees and butterflies.
      Growing advice:
      Plant in a suitable position and remove dead flowers to prolong the flowering period. Prune hard in winter (January/February) and remove any large, woody stems.

      Supplied in either 9cm pot or 2 Litre pot, please select from the drop down menu when ordering.
      Buddleia’s are extremely useful shrubs for the garden, they offer wonderful flowers through the Summer, are easy to grow and very beneficial to insects. They are often viewed as large plants but there are many different species and varieties that offer all manner of flower types & colours as well as size.  The flowers are covered with butterflies in mid to late Summer and the yellow varieties are particularly attractive to beneficial insects, this can offer a huge interest to the garden, it can be a real joy relaxing in the garden with a Buddleia in full flower.