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Buddleja lindleyana ‘Floral Fanfare’

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Buddleja lindleyana ‘Floral Fanfare’

One of Peter Moore's introductions, Buddleja lindleyana ‘Floral Fanfare’ is completely different to the species and maybe the world’s first double flowered Buddleja. The purple–violet flowers are like B. lindleyana, but 95% are layers of silky double petals and strikingly beautiful  It can be grown as a shrub, although it is best trained on a short 1m stem to show off the pendulous flowers in a container or on a Patio.Prune late spring down to 25cmThe flowers are unscented and completely sterile, so no unwanted seedlings. The plant directs its energy into a long-lasting floral display from July until the end of September.
Hardy to -10°C
  • Any well drained soil but not shallow chalky soil
    • Small light green leaves
    • Flowering July to October
    • Flowers purple-violet double
    • Attracting Hummingbird Hawkmoth 
    • May require some protection the first winter in very cold areas -8 c

    Regular removal of spent flowers will extend the flowering period of all summer flowering Buddleja.

    Supplied in a 2 Litre pot

    Buddleia’s are extremely useful shrubs for the garden, they offer wonderful flowers through the Summer, are easy to grow and very beneficial to insects. They are often viewed as large plants but there are many different species and varieties that offer all manner of flower types & colours as well as size.  The flowers are covered with butterflies in mid to late Summer and the yellow varieties are particularly attractive to beneficial insects, this can offer a huge interest to the garden, it can be a real joy relaxing in the garden with a Buddleia in full flower.