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Buddleia davidii Santana - Champion Plants

Buddleia davidii Santana

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Buddleia davidii Santana

A great selection of Buddleja that has vivid yellow variegated foliage and red flowers. The growth habit is upright and the foliage is a yellow and  green.   

  •  A fine selection of Buddleja that has vivid foliage and red flowers.
  •  Works well planted in a border or as a specimen planting.
  •  Attractive red flowers, medium - large growing shrub.
  •  Grows well in all soil types but best in a moist - well draining soil
  •  Fully hardy.
Growing advice:
Plant in a suitable position and remove dead flowers to prolong the flowering period. Prune hard in winter (January/February) and remove any large, woody stems.
Pot Size:
3 Litre (19cm)
Plant sizes (approx at time of shipping): HT - 30cm W - 30cm

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