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Choisya ternata ' Sundance' (Mexican Orange Blossom) - Champion Plants

Choisya ternata ' Sundance' (Mexican Orange Blossom)

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Choisya ternata 'Sundance'
(Mexican Orange Blossom)

  • Choisya ternata 'Sundance' is a well known plant that has small clusters of white flowers and glossy, golden leaves all year round.
  • An evergreen shrub with small white flowers ideal for planting in a border or as a small hedge.
  • Fully Hardy
  • A proven garden plant and a useful introduction.
The plant will be supplied in a 2 litre pot (17cm) and will be securely packed.

Plant sizes (approx at time of shipping): HT - 30cm W - 30cm
Choisya is a small genus of plants with just seven species, all of which are evergreen. Originally from Mexico and south west USA the most famous species, ternata was introduced in 1825. C.ternata is commonly know as Mexican Orange Blossom due to its sweetly scented flowers, the most interesting varieties have come from cultivation in the form of breeding and sports (naturally occurring shoots with a different colour or variegation). The first of these was raised in 1982 by Peter Moore and was Choisya Aztec Pearl, a nice variety with dissected leaves, he also introduced C.White DazzlerC.Goldfingers & C.Apple Blossom, the latter being a very impressive introduction with pink flowers. Another really important variety in this genus is Choisya ternata Sundance, a very popular variety and a true garden mainstay with bright golden yellow leaves. 
All of these Choisya's grow well in shade and are best in semi-shade, they are evergreen, have scented flowers and hardy.