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Diascia personata 'Hopley's'

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Diascia personata
(Masked Twinspur)

Hopley's is a selection from the species that has slightly pinker flowers, a bit more of a compact and controlled habit and overall a slight improvement.

A hardy semi evergreen species of Diascia which is really quite tough and shoots back from the base of the previous years growth.
The main attraction of this variety is the masses and masses of vivid pink flowers all through summer, it will start in late spring and flower all the way through to autumn.
Brilliant for brightening up a border and giving season long interest.
The flowers are produced on sprays of stems that shoot out of upright, dark green foliage, this perennial has a bushy habit and grows fast to create a good mass of foliage, the flowering height is around 70cm, the flowers are arranged over sprays of dark green stems and the flowering shoots have a rather open and natural habit. 
Use as part of a mixed border, running up to the mid border and on corners or border edges, prune back once the flowering begins to stop to encourage a later flowering, an early formative prune before flowing gives a more compact plant also. 
Over winter a good mulch will help the plant shoot away in the spring, Diascia personata is best in a moist, well drained soils and happiest in full sun through to semi shade. 
Hardy, semi- evergreen perennial
Supplied in a 9cm pot or 2 Litre pot, please select from the drop down menu when ordering.