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Hesperantha coccinea 'Professor Barnard'

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Hesperantha coccinea
'Professor Barnard'

Formerly known as Schizostylis and known as the 'Flag Lily', Hesperantha is a clump forming bulbous perennial and is great in the front of a border or through the mid border, they will grow in full sun through to semi shade and have blade like, light green leaves and grow to around 60cm with the flower spikes coming up just a bit taller than the leaves. Flowers appear in late summer through autumn.

'Professor Barnard' is a smaller growing variety, with a good growth habit and pink flowers.

Hardy, evergreen perennial

Supplied in either a 9cm pot or 2 Litre pot, please select from the drop down menu when ordering.

Hesperantha are bulbous perennials with strap like leaves and open, cup shaped flowers. They range from dwarf varieties to a height of around 40cm up to the more common height of 60/80cm. Flower colours from the varieties range from a strong red, into pink, pale pink and white.

They thrive in good, fertile soil and will tolerate full sun into semi-shade. The flowers are produced from late summer through to as late as December in mild conditions. They are often evergreen and maintain some foliage all year round.

The clump forming habit of this plant is slow spreading and non-invasive and is a good candidate for division and splitting to create more plants for your garden and friends.