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Musa Thai Black (Thai Banana)

Musa Thai Black (Thai Banana)

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Musa Thai Black
(Black Stemmed Banana)

    This Banana is quite a rare variety and is fabulous for many reasons, the trunk (pseudostem) of this banana takes on a very dark purple colour turning almost black throughout the Summer. The leaves are very narrow and have a quite unique look to them.
        Grows to around 8ft or more and is happy in a large pot as well as a sheltered area in the garden.
            Easy to grow and a great exotic looking patio plant.
              Requires a heavy mulch over Winter and is best moved to a frost free area over Winter to maintain the trunk (pseudostem). If you plan on over Wintering this plant in the border it is best to remove the stem before the first frosts and mulch heavily.
              Approximate height of plant on collection is 2m+
              Grown in a 1L pot, approx 60cm tall with an overwintered pseudostem to 40cm, leaves may be trimmed for posting
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