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Taxus baccata - AGM

Taxus baccata - AGM

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Taxus baccata 

Common Yew, this conifer is a native of the UK and can be found in the wild near chalk formations. Forms a small to medium sized tree and/or a large shrub. They are most commonly found used as a slow growing evergreen hedge, the fine dark green leaves contrast well with new foliage in the Spring that takes on a very light green colour, red fruits are produced in Spring.

Often seen as a tree in churchyards and occasionally these trees can be a great age, the diversity of situations in which yew can be found be it sun, shade, moist or dry, makes it a very useful and sought after plant and the slow rate of growth makes it ideal for low maintenance.

Hardy, evergreen Shrub

plant will be supplied in a 2 litre pot

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