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Vinca major Maculata

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Vinca major Maculata
(Greater Periwinkle)

A fantastic ground cover plant that grows well in shade, this variety has large variegated leaves and vibrant purple/blue flowers in early Spring. A much larger growing variety than V.minor varieties. The foliage has a yellow margin with a strong green center and large, purple flowers.
Grown in a 2 litre pot ready for planting
Vinca (Periwinkle) are great plants to use all over the garden whether its full shade, woodland, front of border or an exposed bank they will put on a great show of flowers from November right through until April. They are mostly evergreen and have a creeping habit, they are great for ground cover. Some varieties can be a little invasive like Vinca major, others are less so. Vinca minor has much smaller leaves and can be cut back from areas that you want to keep free. Vinca difformis is somewhere in between V.major and V. minor.